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Andrew Saltzman

  Andrew Saltzman
Andrew Saltzman

Andrew Saltzman starting his career in the real estate business in late 1999 at Citywide Realty in Brookline, where he started in apartment rentals, later that year moved on to property sales where he worked extensively in the Allston/Brighton area selling condo’s and multi-unit buildings.

Andrew took a six month break from real estate in 2002 to work for Techrenew a computer recycling company as hired gun, at Techrenew Andrew put Multimillion dollar deals together with BMW of North America, Spherion, and other Fortune 500 companies increasing sales by over 400%. Andrew returned to manage Citywide Realty later that year.

In 2004 Andrew started City Central Realty, LLC a to with the focus on finding housing for Medical Residents, Researchers, Boston area Professionals and Graduate Students.

With City Central Realty, LLC Andrew manages and sells property for a select group of clients only, giving one on one service as a property consultant and adviser dealing with condominiums, multifamily, and large complexes, on and off market. In addition to leasing and property sales, Andrew is an investor and specializes in investment property, property development, as well as fix and flips.

Andrew lives in Hull with his wife Leah and when not on his boat Meshugaas, Andrew works as professional musician, he has been a guitarist for 35 years performing and recording with various bands, the last 25 years in the metro Boston area.