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Frequently Asked Questions

How can a CCRE Agent help with my apartment search?

Boston is filled with tens of thousands of professionals and students who rent apartments each year. As a result, the rental market moves very quickly.  CCRE Agents are professionals with years of experience, and our mission is to match the perfect apartment to YOUR needs. Our up-to-the-minute database includes over 30,000+ premiere listings, many of which are exclusive to our company.

I’ve got a super tight budget! Is it free to go on an appointment to see apartments?

At CCRE, we work with your budget. No need is too small for our services, and previewing apartments through our agents is free! We want to maximize your time so we won’t simply show you one apartment you’re interested in, but will be sure you preview all your options. If you decide to rent your next apartment through CCRE, hundreds of our listings are NO FEE!

No Fee & Fee Apartments: Understanding the Broker’s Fee

Every apartment rented through a Real Estate Brokerage company has a fee—but you don’t always have to pay it. When a CCRE agent talks about our many No Fee Apartments, they’re referring to the hundreds of listings where the landlord has agreed to pay the fee for you as an incentive to rent the property faster.

CCRE also has a large inventory of apartments that do carry Half Fees or Full Broker’s fees. However, these apartments are not to be overlooked as many of the best deals and most coveted listings carry a fee, because the landlord knows that their apartment will rent quickly regardless. If the listing does carry a fee, you should expect the total Broker’s Fee to be equal to one month’s rent. Keep in mind, that if a full broker’s fee is due, this is often reflected in a lower monthly rent. Either way, we’ll show you as many apartments as we can that meet your overall budget criteria, and the decision is yours.

Will I Have to Pay a Security Deposit?

A Security Deposit is held by the landlord in case you cause any damage to their unit during your tenancy. At CCRE, many of our landlords do not require security deposits for potential tenants with good credit and a stable income. When applicable, deposit amounts vary from landlord to landlord, with a typical deposit being equal to one month’s rent.

Accepted Methods of Payment

Your total balance will consist of rent payment, credit check, and applicable Broker fees. You can pay this balance via cash, money order, certified bank check, or Visa/ MasterCard (this includes debit cards with Visa/MC logos).  Personal checks are only accepted 15 business days outside of the tenants scheduled move-in date.