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Allston real estate

Welcome to Allston, MA

Allston was once a condense center of industry, marked by its colorful stockyards, slaughterhouses, and other meat packing industries. Today, Allston is still a thriving, multicultural center of activity. Students from the surrounding colleges and young families make up many of the residents of Allston, giving the area its reputation for highly affordable living. Allston is a great neighborhood for residents seeking a hip, fun place to live. Harvard Avenue, Commonwealth Avenue and Brighton Avenue are the main drags that run through this vibrant neighborhood. Cozy boutiques, thrift stores, family-run establishments and well-know chains, give residents options and styles to fit different tastes and budgets. Allston is also well-known for its active nightlife boasting a variety of eateries, pool halls and watering holes.

Transportation Available

The Allston neighborhood offers access to the MBTA’s Green Line B & C lines, in addition to being walking distance to popular bus routes that include 57, 66, 64, 501, and 503.

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